Bolo Ram Ram

Bolo Ram Ram

On the significant and auspicious day of January 22, 2024, marked by the inauguration of the Ram Temple, we Planet 9 Productions are filled with joy as we introduce a new musical creation, ‘Bolo Ram Ram,’ dedicated to the revered Shree Ram. This soul-stirring composition is a collaborative effort featuring the enchanting voice of Rani Indrani Sharma, whose artistry brings the melody to life. The profound lyrics, crafted by the talented Chhetnaa Kapoor, add a layer of heartfelt emotion to the song, while the composition, skillfully orchestrated by Rani Indrani Sharma and Mann Gulati, promises to captivate the audience.

We extend our heartfelt invitation for your support in making ‘Bolo Ram Ram’ a resounding success. Your encouragement and enthusiasm will play a pivotal role in elevating this musical tribute to Shree Ram to new heights. The collective effort of the creative team behind the song, along with the support of our audience, aims to make ‘Bolo Ram Ram’ a super-duper hit that resonates with the hearts of all those who cherish the divine spirit of Shree Ram.

As we embark on this musical journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating the essence of devotion and spirituality encapsulated in ‘Bolo Ram Ram.’ Let us unite in making this melodic offering a symbol of collective reverence and joy on this auspicious occasion. Your support is the key to the success of this endeavor, and together, we can create a musical masterpiece that echoes the spirit of devotion and celebration surrounding the Ram Temple Inauguration.



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