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Announcing the release of our latest music video, “Sarfira,” under our esteemed record label, Planet 9 Productions. Sung by the acclaimed Indian Idol fame, Amey Date, this captivating production marks a significant milestone in our musical journey.

“Sarfira” is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines our artistic endeavors. Composed by the talented Arbind Dogra and adorned with heartfelt lyrics crafted by Shekhar Ishan and Amey Date himself, the song encapsulates a rich tapestry of emotions and melodies that promise to resonate with audiences far and wide.

Elevating the song to new heights are the mesmerizing voices of Sajan and Priya, whose enchanting performances add depth and dimension to the musical narrative. Under the adept direction of Sarab Maan, their synergy on screen breathes life into the lyrical journey, captivating viewers with every note and expression.

Behind the scenes, the meticulous coordination of Rani Indrani Sharma and Mann Gulati ensures the seamless execution of the project from inception to completion. Their unwavering dedication and expertise shine through, as they navigate the complexities of production with finesse and precision.

Guiding the project with a steady hand is Ashwani Kumar Gulati, whose commitment to excellence ensures that “Sarfira” receives the utmost care and attention it deserves. As producer, Gulati’s vision and leadership are instrumental in shaping the artistic vision of the music video, guaranteeing a final product that is nothing short of spectacular.

Set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Dehradun, the full song shoot immerses viewers in a visual symphony that complements the song’s lyrical and musical brilliance. Against the backdrop of nature’s splendor, “Sarfira” unfolds as a soul-stirring ode to love, passion, and the beauty of artistic expression.

We invite you to experience the magic of “Sarfira” on Planet 9 Productions, as we embark on this musical journey together….


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